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How it works

Genection simplifies the confusing landscape of genomics and medicine by providing a marketplace where the physician can order any genetic test available today. No other company provides this breadth of service. Every genetic test is at your fingertips. No searching or digging required. Find test by specialty, by disease or just search for the test name. Physicians also have the option to identify which tests they should order by utilizing our free service of board-certified genetic counselors.  They can have discussions with genetic couselors, or prescribe a consultation for their patient with the genetic couselor.

Register instantly

Providers and organizations can register instantly online and begin ordering genetic tests immediately.

Select tests, by price and lab

Select genetic tests for your patient in a friendly, easy to use interface accessible via a desktop or laptop computer. Quickly search for any test or view tests most often ordered for a practice area such as oncology. Tests display prices and labs offering the test. The choice of lab is up to the physician ordering the test.

Or choose to order tests through a genetic counselor.  With just a click, physicians can request a genetic counselor consultation with their patient who will then analyze the patient's relevant information and identify the correct test.  After receiving a detailed report from the genetic counselor, the physician can order the test.  Once results are in, the genetic counselor is there for both the patient and the physician.

Simplified paperwork

Once the order is received, your office will use the Genection collection kits to collect the sample. (We offer phlebotomy services for offices who do not have this available to them.) All the necessary forms are available to you online for any genetic test you order, easily printable for your patient to complete.

Test results online

Test results are added to the patient's record in the Genection portal and the physician is notified by a generic email that test results are ready to view. The patient is also emailed a generic reminder to schedule an appointment with the ordering physician to discuss the test results. Results are stored securely and are ready for the physician to review at any time.  And don't forget, once results are in, a genetic counselor is there for both the patient and the physician.

Time to results

Genection partners with many genetic testing vendors and we provide a large choice of tests.  Turn around times vary depending on the test chosen and its complexity. While most tests results come back within a week or two some results could take up to 14 weeks from the date we receive a patient sample for a test.

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